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Where creativity meets functionality in the digital realm! We are thrilled to introduce our WordPress web design service, dedicated to bringing your online vision to life.

Majority of our client websites are powered by WordPress in order to deliver a dynamic and versatile platform that empowers your online presence.

We have the expertise to leverage WordPress to its full potential including custom theme and plugin development.

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Over 40% of Websites Worldwide use WordPress. WordPress is a extremely powerful Blogging and Content Management System that can excel your website to new heights!

Highly Customizable

Wordpress is easily customizable because it is open source and stayed true to the opensource community while powering almost half of the websites worldwide since 2003!

Easy to Update your own Website

Even though, wordpress may seem daunting to some it is actually easy to update due to it's simplicity. Once you do your first edit it's all downhill from there.

Built with SEO in Mind

Wordpress is equipped with SEO in mind from the start. And was apart of the opensource revolution which include google and many other ventures that encouraged open source development which has stand through the test of time.

Why Voll Designs for WordPress Web Design?

The Best WordPress Web Design Service in New Jersey

Custom WordPress Templates

Templates Designed to your Branding

Quality Matters to Us

We believe in delivering quality results to our clients.

Custom WordPress Development

The know how and experience to create custom wordpress plugins and widgets.

beyond Expectations

We take pride in exceeding our client expectations

We Used WordPress Since 2003

Our overall experience with wordpress is from the beginning

Experienced WordPress Development

We have the experience to create the website of your desire in WordPress